Axial bearing for sniper rifles spring guide [AirsoftPro]Axial bearing for sniper rifles spring guide [AirsoftPro]

Axial bearing for sniper rifles spring guide

Gyártó: AirsoftPro
Az áru kódja: 344
Elérhetőség: > 10 db
Eladási ár 1 326 Ft

Thrust bearing for manual sniper rifles spring guide. Axial bearing is located at the bottom of the guide, where the main spring seats on it. Spring has tendency of axial rotate during fire/compresion and this is the main purpose of the offered bearing - smoother compression. Spring makes lower resistance.

Make sure bearings fit on your gun before buy. Dimension 7x13mm. Doesn`t fir on VSR spring guides!

 Material  Steel
 Application  For spring guides. .
 Purpose  Smoother spring compression
 Weight  2,1g



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